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  • Patrick Adams

USS San Pueblo

We are absolutely delighted with how our latest Boatyard waterline models have turned out. Inspired by the legendary Gordon Neilson's 2008 model, we have constructed our own 1:30 scale versions of the USS San Pueblo.

The model measures 76cm in length, 23cm wide and 61cm in overall heigth. Primarily of wooden constrcution with accessories and fittings in woods, metal and resin. 95% of the parts are scratch built in house by the The British Toy Soldier Company, with the remaining parts sourced from UK suppliers making the model entirely UK made.

At 1:30 scale the model will suit King & Country and Team Miniature figures.

Only one of these models is left available to purchase and can be supplied with a suitable set of King & Country figures if required. To enquire please contact us on

Price £POA

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