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Loggerheads Military Studio Commissions allows you to bring your Ideas to life.

The process can be a simple painting touch-up, figure repair or a complete figure design including sculpt, mould making and painting.

Commissions can be made from metal or resin and hand painted using matt or gloss oil paints

Contact Loggerheads Military Studio to discuss your Ideas.


Telephone 07704 4484955

DSCN3887 (Medium).JPG

200mm Drummer 44th Regt, Waterloo

DSCN3742 (Medium).JPG

200mm Sergeant 95th Rifles, Waterloo

DSCN3057 (Medium).JPG

Polish Lancer and French Cavalry

DSCN3103 (Medium).JPG

Sappers Of The Imperial Guard Drummer

DSCN3601 (Medium).JPG

Parachute Regiment Drum Major

DSCN3092 (Medium).JPG

Harry Hotspur - Battle Of Otterburn 1388

DSCN4003 (Medium).JPG

120mm English Longbow-man

DSCN3108 (Medium).JPG

French Hussar 1812

DSCN2909 (Medium).JPG

200mm Lieutenant Colonel Douglas 11th Hussar

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